Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hello everybody! I hope that you all had a fantastic introduction to the new year. I'm afraid that I have been very busy as of late. I have returned to University, and have had much reading to do (some of my books are 900 pages long) and essays are being set already. Although I do not intend for this to be a review, a 'haul' style post seemed like a fun idea.

When I say "I'm not a sales person" I do not mean that I won't buy anything that is offered at a reduced price. Instead, I'll mean that I refuse to buy anything at a reduced price because I don't need it, or due to its reason for being placed in the sales aisle i.e. damage or item does not conform to current fashion trends. I find the idea of shopping at Oxford Street on Boxing Day quite traumatising, even when I am just contemplating it! Crowds, labels on the floors, toes being trodden on, humidity and severe stress. So, while I was drinking cappucinos in the rural countryside during the seasonal fesitivities, I looked at my list of things necessary purchases. I logged onto Zara.com for the very first time, and to my surprise, I had seen products that I had looked at for a while - at reduced prices.

The main tip to buying in sales is to remember that you are only saving money if you are buying something you would have bought regardless. Unfortunately, I used to be one of those people who would buy all sorts from sales just because of the brand names. It is worth investing in a £19.99 jumper from Uniqlo that will keep you warm throughout winter as opposed to spending £15.00 on a dress from Topshop, that you can only wear out once and does not particularly flatter your figure anyway. Psychologically, most people are encouraged to think that the reduction compensates for what the items are lacking. So be careful, ladies!

To make the post a bit more interesting, here is what I bought from Zara.com!

Basic Ballerina with Bow - £16.99 reduced from £19.99

I adore classic ballerina flats. I always feel so elegant and yet practical when wearing them. They really are the most versatile style of shoe! I often purchase my ballerina flats from Primark, which cost roughly £4.00. Although Primark's version of the classic is both comfortable and affordable, they unfortunately rip apart after two or three months. So, I've got high hopes from Zara, as they are a company that is renowned for their quality attire.

Basic Shopper £16.99 reduced from £19.99

The basic shopper has been one of the most sought after bags amongst fashion bloggers across the internet. After receiving the Office City Bag for Christmas, I still didn't have a 'handbag' of my own. I wanted something that was smaller, and yet similar to my Uni bag. This seemed perfect! The original retail price is extremely 'cheap' in comparison to other Zara bags in the range.

Basic Button Neck T-Shirt £9.99 reduced from £17.99

Needless to say, the 'basic' range by Zara is perfect for purchasing wardrobe staples. I prefer simplicity over anything, when it comes to fashion. Simple clothes aren't boring, they are timeless. I envisage the shirt above to combine perfectly with black jeans, black ballerina flats, beige mac coat, shopper bag with a dash of red lipstick  on the lips - maybe Mac's sheer 'Lady Bug' lipstick (£13.50).

Box Wallet with Studs £9.99 reduced from £19.99

I have a real problem with purses. They're either too small, or too large! I've been eyeing up this clasp purse for ages. The mini compartments inside make it easy to store your cash and cards. I'm not a big fan of studs, but the 'box' design is very sophisticated.

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