Friday, 18 January 2013

Ohhhhh What's In Your Bag?

For some reason, fashion bloggers love the 'what's in your bag?' posts. I thought to myself: "why not?". The post would enable me to review the basic Zara handbag, too!

The bag itself is very flimsy in comparison to the Office City Bag. If structure is important to you, this might not be the ideal handbag. I personally love bags that are like this one, I can throw (maybe not actually throw) in my belongings before I go out. It's very 'roomy' and this is ideal because I can accommodate things such as my ear muffs, which can take up quite a lot of space! Also, as it isn't structured like the Office City Bag, it means that everything fits in more easily, and you can be flexible with the type of items you store inside. However, if you're looking to place a laptop inside a handbag, I would definitely opt for the Office City Bag, as the middle compartment is designed to store laptops or tablets, with its extra padded compartment. This bag has just one zip, so if you are a lady of organisation this my not be suitable!

From left to right: Bottle of water (so exciting), some free tissues I received outside the train station from Virgin (thank you Richard Branson, they've come in handy!), one glove (because I've lost the other one somewhere ...), raspberry lip balm from The Body Shop (two pounds, I believe, very moisturising and tastes amazing!), black makeup bag from Superdrug (two pounds, again, if I remember correctly), Apple earphones for my iPhone (which I'm taking this picture with), keys, miniature Elnette hairspray, moleskine diary and pen, Kindle with Run For Cover 'Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland' cover, ear muffs (Accessorize sale), purse (Accessorize sale, £4.00 reduced from £18.00), glasses (free from Specsavers, yay!), Oyster card with university holder.

I like to keep my 'make up' items separate from things in my bag. It keeps everything organised, and by keeping the makeup separate from my other belongings i.e. phone, purse and Kindle - it keeps them safe!

Inside my makeup bag: Denman mini brush (two pounds), non-metal hair band, Bourjois translucent powder (I've had this for ages, I honestly cannot remember how much it was!), Mua eyeshadows and nail varnish (one pound each), tweezers and eyebrow brush (gifts), Blistex relief cream (three pounds. This is incredible for people with lips that are highly prone to cracking or dryness. It has saved my lips this winter! It's not a fancy lipstick or lipbalm, and it smells a bit bad but it heals everything in the lip area), Eyeko mascara (£13.50).

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  1. I have the mini Denman brush too, it's great - and I'd been wanting a compact mirror for ages so it does both jobs!