Sunday, 27 January 2013

Superdrug De-Stressing Mud Mask

Hey everyone! Here's another mini beauty review. I'm sat here with a cup of tea, and looking very silly wearing mud on my face. So, naturally, I thought I'd write about it.

I'm not sure about you, but I love face packs! I got four packs for free at Superdrug because they had a three for four offer, and I had three pounds on my loyalty card! Make sure to get a Beauty Card if you shop there regularly for your toiletries. They're free, too, so no nasty business.

Tonight I thought I would use one of them. I tried the strawberry one a few days ago, which smelt delicious! I had to stop myself from eating it. It actually smelt like a cupcake. It was lovely for sensitive skin like mine. Apologies for the digression ...

I can see my boyfriend in the corner of the room, and he looks a bit terrified.

Anyway. The mask is very nice. To delve a bit deeper, the experience isn't exactly spa-like. The texture is smooth. It's quite a heavy consistency, and it's a bit like putting concrete on your face. If you've got a girly friend over for a sleepover at all any time soon, you'll probably find that one pack is enough.

I do actually feel a bit less stressed out. Maybe it's the fragrance. On the packet it states that the mask is a concoction of avocado oil, green tea and aloe vera. For the past three hours I've been working on my dissertation, and I've got a job interview followed by a lengthy seminar tomorrow. I'm not exactly the happiest of sunflowers right now, but for 99p (or free) I can guarantee that you'll feel at least a little bit perkier.

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