Sunday, 20 January 2013

MUA: Frozen Yoghurt nail varnish

MUA are a fantastic make up company. Their products are worth their value, and they are highly appealing, just as the bigger high street brands are. Believe it or not, but this nail varnish cost just £1.00 - yes! It's difficult to believe because the colour is so vibrant and pretty. It's gorgeous to wear, and it hasn't chipped much during the two days that I've been wearing it.

The colour that I have been wearing is called 'Frozen Yoghurt'. This nail varnish is my favourite at the moment. I've been put off wearing nail varnish for a while, since I was working as a Christmas Temp, as they weren't keen on experimental colours. I've never bought MUA cosmetics before, except for one of the eyeshadow pallettes a few months back, which was also very good value for what it was worth. The violet colour is spot on trend for the Spring season, and I can't wait to get out my floral dresses from under my bed (after the snow disappears) and wear this cute colour with them.

MUA cosmetics are available from Superdrug.

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