Monday, 11 November 2013

Getting Going

It's a Monday morning. I wake up at eight. I eat my bowl of wholesome cereal. I shower, get dressed, go to the bank - buy some fruit from the supermarket. I come back and do a phone interview. I've got some chores, an article to write and both Maths and Science homework to do but I write here. Blogging is therapeutic!

I've got two job interviews this week (just little part-time roles) and I passed the interview for my volunteer role (which I'm so happy about!) so here's a post dedicated to things that I'm grateful for.

Every now and then I think it is important to highlight what is good about your life. It is the little things that make the biggest difference, I often hear.

- Buying Christmas presents for everyone.

- Passing my interview.

- Hearing beautiful music (Bastille and Bizet!)

- Writing

- Blogging

- Starbucks skinny gingerbread latte (with the red cups!)

- Walks

- Clementines (so yummy)

- Reading a good book (James Joyce)

- The thought of going back home to London soon

- Watching good films

- Wearing cosy jumpers and woolly scarves.

- Cute stationery

- Learning (science and maths!)

- Smelling L'occitane perfumes.

- Stepping on crunchy leaves.

- Feeling cosy in my flat.

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