Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dry Shampoo-ing

Topknot & Snood

Hello everyone! I've been very busy as of late. University magazine has finally been edited, and is now ready for printing. Dissertation and module essays are now in the process of being written, and I'm here tucked away in my tiny studio flat in London typing away. I wanted to share my little experience with you from last week. I went to get my hair cut at Rush, as I've never been there before, and the price for students was £45.00 reduced from £60.00. It's hard to part with that amount of money for a hair cut, and since I hadn't had my hair cut for nearly an entire year (yes, I know) I decided to finally take the plunge!

It was very easy to book an appointment there. I was able to arrange it on the internet ( as you can have your iCal (or diary!) in front of you while you make a decision! When I finally got there, it was very empty because I went at 9am. I was given a pot of tea (yum) and a biscuit which I didn't eat. I got chatting to the hairdresser and she said: "you wash your hair too much, your hair is coarse and extremely dry". When I heard this, I was sobbing inside! For some reason, I have always found it extremely difficult to not wash my hair every day. It has definitely switched into a psychological thing, where I become paranoid at the thought of others looking at me and thinking: "ewwww she doesn't wash her hair! Yuck!". Maybe it's the New Year or something, but I decided to give it a go once my hair was done. It was a bit shorter than I wanted, but I have made the hasty decision to be a bit nicer to my poorly locks now. My hairdresser recommended that I cut my hair every two and a half months and wash it every other day. I'm thinking that I might leave it a little longer in-between cuts, just because I want to grow my hair. I've been very good, though, and I've managed to leave my hair cleanse itself with its natural oils.

Batiste: Blush

The best way to make sure that your roots don't become oily is to apply some dry shampoo before you go to bed at night. Batiste are renowned for their dry shampoo products, and I use the Blush version, which smells adorable and only costs £1.49. So you're not only saving money on hair cleansing products, but time as well. If you're a fan of topknots, it is far much easier to wear it on 'the second day' as you won't experience the problem of flyaways as much, if at all. 

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