Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Emma Loves: January 2013

Hello everyone! I've decided to make a new type of post, aptly named 'Emma Loves'. Basically, I'm going to create a list of things I've loved each and every month. This can range from books, records, exhibitions, plays, fashion or beauty. Anything! So, I'm going to start right now, even though we're in the middle of January:

1. The Body Shop - Jumbo Strawberry Shower Gel

Ohhhhh my stars, this smells amazing. I was on the hunt for a jumbo shower gel on the high street, as I go through a standard bottle nearly every week. I thought instead of just purchasing the substandard Dove shower gel from the pound shop, I'd have a seach on the high street for something that will last longer. I never go into the Body Shop really, it's quite expensive and I only go in there if I'm buying gifts for people. However, I noticed that they had a sale on, and so I came to the assumption that there would be a shower gel I'd like. There was! It smells amazing, and it reminds me of Wimbledon tennis tournaments. The scent is fresh and not sickly, though, and it was half price. I bought it for £7.50 reduced from £15.00 - there is so much of it! It's likely to last me at least two months if not longer. Bargain!

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Blush

Ahhh, here we are again, the lovely dry shampoo as mentioned in my last blog post. This stuff is really good, and I'd recommend it for anyone looking for a reasonably priced and effective dry shampoo. The only other one I've tried is Lush's dry shampoo, which I didn't really like all that much (and I'm a big fan of Lush!) just because it was like putting flour into your hair. Thinking about it, maybe it was flour ...

3. Accessorize scarf

This scarf is so warm and comfortable. I had been wanting it for so long, but when I saw the £28.00 price tag I could never have justified it. Luck arrived, and I was walking back home from a long day, and I see £20.00 taken away from the price tag. This purchase caused a bit of a big smile, as it proves that patience is a virtue! After giving away the majority of my scarves to Oxfam just recently, I had faced the difficulty of having just one 'skinny' black one. The red tartan pattern is gorgeous, thick and good quality. I'm hoping that it will last for a very long time!

4. Vogue Magazine

The February issue is great, with lots of projected fashion trends for the spring and summer seasons. It's like every girl's fashion bible! Vogue usually costs £4.10 (eep!) but this is the last edition before my Christmas 2011 gift subscription ends, sob!

5. Paperchase pencil case.

It's my last semester at university, and what better incentive is there than stationery shopping?! This adorable pencil case from Paperchase cost just £5.00 and has little compartments to store your erasers and pencil sharpners. Very appropriate for my future career in primary education, too!

6. Panda highlighters - Paperchase £3.00

These are the epitome of adorable. I must see the pandas in Edinburgh at some point this year!

7. Stephen Hawking - A Briefer History of Time & Alice in Wonderland Kindle Cover

Yes, I agree. It must be a bit odd spotting a Stephen Hawking text in the middle of a blog post like this one. At 'Written on the Sky' we embrace diversity. Back to the point, though, I have loved this book ever since I saw it in my local Waterstones. Although it has some relevance to my dissertation, I have been reading it attentively, and it is an incredibly interesting and accessible version of the original. It has made me very excited to begin my Science course later this year! The full RRP for this book is £9.99

The picture above is a Kindle cover. My Kindle enables me to read a lot of these books for free, and this is a great cover because it prevents my Kindle from randomly being switched on while it's jumbling about in my bag throughout the day. Run For Cover are a company that have created covers based on classic editions. They're gorgeous!

8. Letter writing set from Paperchase £5.00

As soon as I brought this home with me, my boyfriend politely nicknamed me "Jane Austen!". There's something very sweet and endearing about letter writing, and I'm not sure whether or not it's because of the looming prices of stamps or because it just means that someone spent their afternoon trying to make yours that little bit nicer. It's like that quotation by Charles Dickens: "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another" - Our Mutual Friend. My Grandparents are unable to access their emails, and speaking on the telephone can be quite challenging with hearing difficulties. As I'm in London and they're in Yorkshire, it gives me the perfect excuse and opportunity to write letters. There is nothing quite like writing a message with a physical pen, and then physically sending it off via post.

9. Macaroons from Laduree - £1.60

Macaroons are heavenly, and that is all. Even the carrier bags resemble something from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette!

10. Les Miserables OST - RRP: £9.99

I've just recently acquired this. I'm not very familiar with musicals at all, and it is one of my new year's resolutions to become more familiar with them. After seeing the trailer for the film adaptation, I was wowed! (I'm not even sure if that's a word, bad English Literature student!). I cannot wait to see it at the cinema with my friend next week, I am expecting to be in tears for three hours, but I will be able to use my historical knowledge of the French Revolution from my romanticism module, and as I have been listening to the songs beforehand - I can enjoy it with everyone else! I'm very surprised at how good a singer Anne Hathaway is! Very powerful, considering they all sang live on set too!

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  1. The Vogue price has gone down to £3.90! Reverse inflation for you...