Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pantene Pro-V 12 Night Therapy

You will probably remember from my previous posts, the amount of ranting I did concerning the dryness of my hair! Well, this product claims to be 'night therapy' for such lifeless tresses.

So, what are you meant to do with it? I had read online about pricey products that should be  used on your hair while you sleep. Twelve hour night treatments are not uncommon on shop floors at the moment, especially with electronic styling devices being all the rage for the past ten or fifteen years. It's inevitable that much hair would be damanged from excessive styling, colouring ... or lack of conditioning and regular trims.

I saw this little bargain in my local pound shop. At the time, I was glamorously looking for mildew remover for beneath the window in my flat. I had been reading about night treatments the previous night, and I hadn't seen them anywhere i.e. Superdrug or Boots. Pantene is a well-known brand in England, so I thought I'd give it a go - it's only a pound after all.

The results haven't been amazing. I use it sometimes, as I wash my hair every other day now. It's full of silicone-based ingredients, which don't produce long-lasting results on hair, but instead provide a 'quick fix'. More quality products are meant to replenish the oils in your hair, by making it more moist during the night so that you can wash out the vitamin goodness first thing in the morning.

Still, I'm glad I tried it. I love looking after my hair, and now that I'm taking care of it properly, it feels more smooth and healthy than ever. Nothing replaces a good shampoo, dry shampoo and regular cuts I'm afraid.

What it is good for, though, are those nights when I'm really tired either from a day at work or lengthy seminars at university. I can come back home, use up one of my face packs from Superdrug and use this on my hair. Run a bath and throw in a Lush bath bomb. Wear some dangly earrings, watch some New Girl or Sex and the City - you'll be feeling divine!

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