Monday, 11 November 2013

Getting Going

It's a Monday morning. I wake up at eight. I eat my bowl of wholesome cereal. I shower, get dressed, go to the bank - buy some fruit from the supermarket. I come back and do a phone interview. I've got some chores, an article to write and both Maths and Science homework to do but I write here. Blogging is therapeutic!

I've got two job interviews this week (just little part-time roles) and I passed the interview for my volunteer role (which I'm so happy about!) so here's a post dedicated to things that I'm grateful for.

Every now and then I think it is important to highlight what is good about your life. It is the little things that make the biggest difference, I often hear.

- Buying Christmas presents for everyone.

- Passing my interview.

- Hearing beautiful music (Bastille and Bizet!)

- Writing

- Blogging

- Starbucks skinny gingerbread latte (with the red cups!)

- Walks

- Clementines (so yummy)

- Reading a good book (James Joyce)

- The thought of going back home to London soon

- Watching good films

- Wearing cosy jumpers and woolly scarves.

- Cute stationery

- Learning (science and maths!)

- Smelling L'occitane perfumes.

- Stepping on crunchy leaves.

- Feeling cosy in my flat.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


The past week has confronted me with some major challenges. I won't go into detail but the graduate job I began working at didn't turn out to be what I thought it would. I made a risky decision to resign but I'm looking forward to delving into a new job adventure.

Just so you know, I've been given a very exciting writing opportunity at The Daily Touch website ( so keep looking for my fashion articles which will be published from next week onwards! Also got some other volunteer-related things to look forward to doing!

It feels so good going for what I want to do. I'm currently learning to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, writing this blog, mentally preparing myself for tomorrow and organising my study schedule. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to go two steps forward :-) 

I have therefore decided to go and find a part-time job, cut back on my spending, enjoy my free time to study, pass my exams and have time to spend with my boyfriend, family and friends. Tomorrow I'm going to an interview for a very exciting opportunity, which (fingers crossed) will work out. It would be absolutely brilliant!

I've mentioned it before on my blog but it really is my dream to become a primary school teacher. I love being around children it gives me the happiest feeling when I can assist in their learning. Due to personal circumstances I have experienced a delay in taking my GCSE examinations in Science and Maths, which is why I'm doing them now at the grand age of twenty-two! :-) Next year I will hopefully be applying for my PGCE at a university and I will then be able to apply for my dream job!

Here's a few pictures from my week:

Here's a picture of my new Cath Kidston bag. My previous one has lasted two years :-) but it now yellow at the handes! It's quite icky (excuse my terrible expression, there) and needed replacing as I couldn't fit my college folders inside any of my bags! I love this because it was actually very reasonably priced for Cath Kidston (especially with student discount!) and you can just fit so much inside! I want to call it the Tardis Bag - it is deceptively large! It's particularly useful for Science - I seem to have so many handouts!


I never buy nail varnishes but fancied trying out some colours on my nails for a change! I got this dark green and rosy red matte varnish by Barry M! :-) I'm hoping that they will look nice! I also picked up a 'Very Berry' face pack as I felt like having a pick-me-up after a hard week!

I'm also currently reading James Joyce's 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man' which is a very engaging read. The only problem is I'm finding that I'm too tired/feel guilty into doing something else, i.e. studying or job hunting. I'm going to make sure that I read much more this weekend :-) I've only got less than fifty pages left of this novel. I'm wondering what to start on next?

Monday, 4 November 2013

Book Review: Virginia Woolf - Mrs Dalloway

Virginia Woolf is one of those authors I have always been slightly hesitant to approach. I am not sure why. My preconceptions were that it was the sheer exclusivity of her writing that her readers enjoyed. I rarely find people that genuinely enjoy her writing or see the purpose of it, for this reason. On the other hand, the ones I do know of say that her writing is pure poetry - but written in prose.

Having studied twentieth century American literature last year, I very was briefly introduced to this idea of high modernism. I had read Wharton's The Age of Innocence, Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises and Scott-Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. All of these novels, despite being written in the same century, bear no likeness to Woolf.  I would argue, however,  that Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury is (out of the texts I studied) comparable to Woolf - and this is because of the stream-of-consciousness element of the text. So, as you can see, reading this novel was a challenge at first. It did, however, become much easier to read as it progressed.

My verdict for this novel is a good one. I absolutely adored Mrs Dalloway for so many reasons. A year ago, I would say that I wouldn't have. I think that I now have the patience to read and admire the subtleties of writing that I wasn't able to fully appreciate when studying for my degree. Aesthetic writing is written purely for pleasure, and I often found this difficult when reading for research. I also found that this novel seemed to appeal to me at this specific time of my life when I am experiencing what it is like to live the life of an independent woman. The social stigmas and pressures of being a woman are heavily explored in this novel, and I am so excited to read A Room of One's Own later on this year (Christmas present, anyone?). My decision to purchase this novel was made when I was in a bookshop a couple of weeks ago, due to David's recommendation. I explained that I wanted to read some new authors, preferably women (because I'm developing an interest in feminism!) and so I read the first page and thought to myself: "hmm ... different" - it certainly was!

This novel is a perfect introduction to modernism. The characters, and the way they are portrayed, are unique. Septimus is my favourite character. I love it when there's a really well written novel that has a character that I genuinely begin to care for! The exploration of relationships, and the relationships' own relationships to time and circumstance is incredibly fascinating and deeply engrossing. The language that Woolf employs is  both refreshing and experimental. I appreciate this because this is what I find that other recognised female writers such as Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte or Sylvia Plath seem to lack. Although I am a big fan all three female authors, I imagine this must be the reason why Woolf attracts more male readers.

Ultimately, I would recommend Mrs Dalloway to someone who is searching for a female author to idolise. Considering the time that these works were published, Woolf demonstrates that women can be both innovative and engaging in their writing style and that they can take risks. It really is quite inspiring!