Thursday, 17 January 2013

Beating Stress & Sleep Issues

I'm not sure about you, but I'm definitely feeling the downsides of being a student at the moment. The picture below is of me right now, without any make up (except a bit of mascara residue because I couldn't find any remover last night, oops). The amount of sleep, and the amount of stress you're under has a great amount to do with how you look and feel about yourself. Stress affects my sleep more than anything, and as it's my last semester of Uni, I'm doing my best to make sure I'm feeling happy and healthy.

Top Tips for Feeling Happy and Healthy:

1. Eat your five (at least) portions of vegetables and fruit a day.
2. Stick to eight hours of sleep a night.
3. Wake up early, and 9am at the latest on days off:
4. Always eat breakfast.
5. Drink plenty of water.
6. Substitute cow's milk for soya milk (much more nutritious and less fat).
7. Be French, and walk everywhere! Even without purpose!
8. Bake your own treats, it's more fun and healthy, and you will enjoy it more.
9. Don't keep track of calories if you can help it. Sometimes focusing on exactly how many calories you've had makes you feel bad if you haven't had enough/had too much. It's better to eat when you're hungry, and stop when you're full. Then your body will be energised!
10. Always moisturise your skin at night, no matter what. Wear tinted moisturiser in the day instead of foundation.
11. Do your Uni work at any time up until 10pm. You need to relax, release stress and prepare for the next day.
12. Listen to classical music when studying. It's not just for the bath or art galleries! It's scientifically proven that it eliminates background noise, and thus allows the brain to focus easier.
13. Smile even if you don't feel like it.
14. Keep a diary, so that you are aware of deadlines. If you prioritise your work and manage to get it done in advance, reward yourself.
15. Make a playlist of happy songs. Katrina and the Waves "I'm Walking on Sunshine" is a must!
16. Curl up in a blanket and read books. If you're reading for an English Literature degree, remember why you enrolled on it in the first place.
17. Go to the cinema in your spare time. Everyone's talking about that new film ...
18. Go to the library, find a quiet space (not the internet cafe!) and get that difficult task out of the way during gaps between your lectures. You will feel more productive, and more eager to involve yourself in your seminars because you have taken the time to learn something.
20. Fifteen minute naps later on in the day can help revitalise your mind. A quick snooze here and there will boost your concentration levels, and help you retain your calm.

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