Sunday, 30 December 2012

Beauty Review: Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 and Nectar Thermique

Christmas has been kind to me this year. I received some sample sized Kerastase products, and thought I'd write about them! I have very dry hair, and never believed that there would be a product out there that would turn my rebellious tresses into luscious locks. However, I was proven wrong. My hair is naturally thick and straight, but since I've been studying at university, I have experienced an increase of greys (yes, grey hair, at twenty-one years old) and the general texture of my hair has become limp over the course of time. My friend said this was most likely due to stress. After being forced to cut my hair short last year, I choose to not dye my hair because dying it makes it die (apologies for the pun). This Christmas, though, my hair has been restored to its former appearance. I was always told that the shampoo didn't matter, and that it was the conditioner which was vital. My experience has told me otherwise!

Image: Kerastase

Pictured above is 'Bain Satin 2' which is part of the Kerastase Nutritive collection. The shampoo not only forms a luxurious lather, but makes your hair feel amazing afterwards. Its only flaw is the smell, as it resembles the inside of an old lady's unused teapot. Fortunately, the leave-in treatment does smell much nicer. I like that the company have not added lots of useless chemicals to the solution in order to make it smell nice. I always find with shampoos such as Herbal Essences that, even though they smell gorgeous, they don't actually improve the condition of my hair. The sample size of the product has given me just over a week of usage, so I imagine that the full-sized bottle is an economical purchase. It might seem a bit steep to the bank balance as it costs roughly £15.00 in various salons. If you purchase the shampoo from you can use the 'new customer' offer, which entitles customers to an extra ten percent off, and they'll still be entitled to the twenty percent off the RRP. I managed to order myself a bottle for ten pounds, with free delivery! Yay.

Image: Kerastase

Nectar Thermique, as pictured above, is a nourishing cream that you massage into your hair after towel drying. The cream protects your hair from heat damage, and also contains royal jelly, which is an ingredient renowned for its conditioning and protecting qualities. After using Alberto Balsam's VO5 Smoothing Creme, which I had free with Cosmopolitan magazine (yes, very studenty, I know) I obviously needed something to condition my hair after washing it, but it was still incredibly dry! With this product, however, my hair has experienced some kind of metamorphosis! In combination with the shampoo, this product has transformed my hair. My hair now not only appears thick and full of vitality, but also very healthy. To me, appearing clean and healthy is my main priority in terms of my personal appearance. I never straighten, curl or dye my hair. I eat vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water and do not smoke. My hair is just dry. This product just 'helps' the problems I've been experiencing, and I'll definitely be using them in the future.

On a final note, I'd say that it's worth investing in two good quality products, as opposed to having tons of products that are only used for two weeks at the price of £2.50. One of the problems I've experienced as a student is that 'cheap' isn't always better. So yes, I'm very impressed with Kerastase! I'd definitely recommend Rush, too, if you're interested in purchasing just because they send samples in addition to their 30% off introductory offer!

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