Thursday, 24 January 2013

Imaginary Wishlist

While some people always feel rubbish when they see things they can't afford, I always look at them and contemplate monosyllabic words such as: "YUM!" or "OOH!". If I were to have an imaginary wishlist, then I would put these items on it. Yum.

Hobbs, £239.00

I always thought that Hobbs was a brand targeted towards older women, but the older I get (ha), I can see why it's popular. This is a stunning black princess coat. As I have quite wide hips and a small waist, these type of coats tend to flatter my figure the most because they 'nip' in at the waist. The length of the coat is also flattering, as it's just above the knee, which means it would be suitable for dresses or trousers. The colour is versatile, and it can make any outfit look sophisticated and yet not too over-the-top.

Miss Dior eau de parfum, £88.50 per 100ml

This perfume is gorgeous. I tried it on at a department store (surely I am not the only one who takes advantage of free samples?) and there's a reason it smelt so beautiful! The smallest bottle is just under £50.00, I believe! I think I might be sticking to Boots body sprays until I have a graduate job!

Russel and Bromley - Chester Tassel Loafer £155.00

I never ever thought that I would be a fan of loafers. I always associated them with old ladies, but the granny look is what seems to be 'in' right now. When I see these, I think of Alexa Chung!

Mulberry Bayswater Bag - £795

Mulberry bags are for the kind of people, like myself, who like organisation in their bags - and big bags at that. I don't understand how ladies can have such small bags! I take everything with me when I go out, as you can see in one of my previous posts. The classic Mulberry Bayswater bags are practical and yet effortlessly stylish, which is why I'd choose this over any other designer bag available.

Rose Duet  Candle - Diptyque £42.00

In Parisian Chic, Ines de la Fressange says that Diptyque candles are the top choice for true Parisians. I imagine these to smell amazing, and I love this new one they've just released for the Spring season! Mm!

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