Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tinted Moisturisers

To me, when it comes to beauty and fashion, nothing is more important than the phrase: "less is more". In the past year, I have given up wearing foundation. I don't know why, but it always made my skin break out anyway! I had the problem of finding it impossible to achieve a natural look. Every single foundation I've ever worn has always looked slightly orange on my skin - quite disastrous, really! As soon as I stopped using them, I noticed that my the condition of my skin improved dramatically. My face obviously wasn't all too keen all of the extra things that it didn't need, and it just needed to breathe. I used to exfoliate my skin every day, too, and now I don't suffer from dryness around the t-zone area anymore. So yes, less is more!

Witch Hazel Tinted Moisturiser - £5.99 (lasts four months with everyday usage).

Tinted moisturisers are a wonderful alternative to heavy foundations. French women swear by moisturising constantly, as it keeps the skin supple! At the moment my daily routine is a bit mixed. I always use a witch hazel primer to prevent spots, and tinted moisturiser with witch hazel in it so it doesn't cause them. I'll dab a little powder to reduce shine, and if I'm going out I will apply some BeneFit dandelion powder to my cheeks (which is amazing for pale skin, for us Twilight extras!). I'll use a tiny amount of brown eye shadow, a few lashings of mascara and finally apply a little raspberry lip balm on my lips.

I have always come back to the Witch Hazel moisturiser when tempted by a 'healthy' foundation. I have bought two foundations since starting university in 2010 (sad, huh?) and I remember them being Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse and Bourjois' Healthy Mix one. The Borjois foundation smelt absolutely beautiful, but it was too greasy for my skin despite the thin consistency. The Maybelline one is renowned for its gentleness to skin, but I found it clogged up my pores instead. Whenever I am tempted by a foundation, I just remember the consequences of being enticed by capitalism!

I've been reading about a brand named Dermalogica, and their 3-in-1 product sounds particularly good! It's a moisturiser, lightly tinted for coverage and it has SPF15 so you can protect your skin from the sun, too. The only downside is its price, and I think it costs just under £30.00 so it's a little steep for students. Natural Collection by Boots have their own tinted moisturiser, which is the only other one I've seen on the high street. Despite its lovely £1.99 price tag, too many reviews have said it's a terrible, cheap product, and it's ruined my desire to try it. (Natural Collection do a lot of other good products, though!)

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