Friday, 21 December 2012

Fashion: Zara Office City Bag

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For Christmas, I have received the Zara Office City Bag from my generous parents. I was looking for the perfect 'Uni bag' and this had proven to be impossible during the past two years of study. I needed a bag that could not only carry my 15" Macbook Pro, but also fit in notebooks/textbooks and essays! I also wanted a little compartment to hold my personal items i.e. purse, phone and keys.

The bag itself is beautiful. It was much bigger than I thought it would be. As I'm now studying in my third year, I wanted a bag that was not only stylish but just more 'grown up' than my typical brown satchel or Cath Kidston box bag. What I love most about this bag is the shoulder protector on the strap. There's nothing worse than carrying lots on my pleasant half an hour walk to Uni and then having a sore shoulder, too! The little handles on the side mean that you can just carry it, as well, if that's more to your taste.

Image: Own

Inside the compartments (there's five altogether) there's plenty of space to neatly organise your belongings. The burgundy coloured lining inside the bag also conforms to the 'berry' colour trend this season. In the middle one, I managed to fit my Macbook in quite easily, which was a wonderful surprise! Two of the compartments do not have zips, however, so I'd advise that these are used for books, magazines or diaries. I'm definitely looking forward to using this next month when I return to lectures!

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