Friday, 21 December 2012

Emma's Book Club: Christmassy Victorian Reads

Ah books. Lovely books.

As an English Literature undergraduate, my enjoyment from books is endless. I have a slight obsession with Victorian literature, in particular. It's not just the stories themselves, but the history and the context that goes behind it. These are the two books I will be reading before leaving London for Christmas.

The Beetle by Richard Marsh

Richard Marsh's novel, according to the blurb, outsold Bram Stoker's Dracula! Unbelievable, and yet, no one knows of him? I will be analysing this text for my Dissertation, which I will begin writing next month. The fear of degeneration in the Victorian era absolutely fascinates me, and these fears are evident in the literature of the period. I'm very excited to read this! The edition I have is by Wordsworth, and it cost just £2.99 including postage. Apparently the novel is otherwise out of print, and has long been. If you would prefer to read an ebook version, the novel is free to download for the Kindle.

Christmas Books by Charles Dickens

Yes, another 'Victorian' book. I'm taking a Charles Dickens module next semester at Uni, but I'm reading this one for pleasure. I'm half-way through reading A Christmas Carol which is just as humorous and brilliant as my preconceptions led me to believe. Unlike Marsh's novel, however, Dickens's text makes much more light and festive reading! The story, by itself, is also free to download on Kindle. If you would prefer a paperback edition, Wordsworth have published a paperback for just £1.99 including postage. I'd recommend buying a more expensive edition if you like big fonts (like me). 

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