Friday, 14 December 2012

Eyeko Skinny Mascara

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Finding the perfect mascara is a dilemma for most women, but it is especially difficult for an Emma! I'm not sure if it because both words rhyme, but I find most mascaras to be either flakey, prone to smudging or they simply do not make my eyelashes look any different!

I recently received an e-mail from, stating that they were giving their newsletter subscribers a code that entitles them to a 10% discount, and free next day delivery too! I needed a new mascara, and I didn't want to just buy a Maybelline's classic Great Lash Mascara. While more cost-effective mascaras are great value, I find that (as much as I like them) I end up resembling a panda by the time I finish my seminars at Uni, or shifts at work.

The mascara I have been using for the past two months, L'oreal Double Extend Mascara, has its pros and cons. It refuses to smudge without being waterproof (I find that waterproof mascara dry my eyelashes out, I think I may actually have combination lashes!), but it is incredibly hard to remove from your eyes! I've had to wait until my morning showers, where the mascara skids off my eyes in massive clumps (it's quite terrifying, actually), just to see my natural eyes again!

But yes, I'm going to try this new Eyeko mascara. It costs £15.00 usually - so it's a bit above my budget. With free delivery and 10% discount, however, it cost me just £13.50. Bearing in mind that L'oreal mascaras range from £9.00-£12.00, I thought that it wouldn't be too much of a jump up into the luxury world of cosmetics. With its squeezy tube, it means that you can make sure that the whole mascara is used before purchasing another one. So in actual fact, this product should be more economical than the majority of other mascaras. I've experienced this many times, where I've convinced myself that there's "more inside the tube!".

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My first impressions of the mascara are good. The packaging itself is really pretty, in my opinion. I'm slightly worried about the wand clumping, but I won't be able to tell until I've used it. The 'blue thing' is actually an eye shield, so that when you apply the mascara, it doesn't accidentally catch your eyelid too! I am tempted to use it as a plectrum for my acoustic guitar, though ... oops.

I'm going to begin wearing this tomorrow and see how it goes. I will hopefully be able to get some photographs up of how it looks on my eyes too. I'm sooooo fussy with mascara, but I've got high hopes for Eyeko!

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  1. hehe that sounds awesome, let me know how that goes =]