Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day fashion!

More cynicism than celebration happens on Valentine's Day, which is a shame because I think it's really lovely. I know it's commercial and blah blah blah ... but it's nice, and it's nice having an excuse to spoil your other half and watch films that make you blubber! I thought I'd write a post about how I've decided to dress up today!

My plans for today are really casual, so I've opted for a cute jumper that I got from work (yay) and a pair of dark jeans. As you can see, the jumper has a really cute bow on it, and bit of green detailing on the bottom of it (which you can't!). It's really simple and feminine! I love it.

 My makeup is very natural today. I'm wearing Mua eyeshadows (£1 each, amazing!), some Bourjois translucent powder to remove shine, Shu Uemura mascara, BeneFit dandelion powder and moonbeam highlighter, and dash of raspberry lip balm! My hair is naturally styled, with some dry shampoo for volume and freshness! So yes, a very natural and easygoing look! Perfect for a night-in or a trip to the cinema with your loved one.

Here are some other cute outfit ideas:

Topshop £38.00
Team this up with black tights for an afternoon in a vintage tea shop! £20.00
For a more sophisticated look that is adaptable, this slashneck skater dress from Asos helps make the perfect transition from day to night.

Cath Kidston £35.00
 This gorgeous skirt from Cath Kidston would be perfect with a light blue cardigan. As it's quite cold at the moment, a skirt option might be ideal if you're planning to stay inside somewhere for the majority of the day. It's definitely a cute staple for summer!


  1. You look gorgee in this picture!:)Xxxx I dyed my hair brown once with Creme Casting Gloss, agree its amazing for an easy tranformation xX

  2. Oh, commented on wrong one ha! I meant this pic but the hair comment is a bit irrelevant on! Also, picked up this polka dot dress in Topshop yesterday, it's loverrly!! Xxxxxxx