Friday, 15 February 2013

Greys at 21

Hey everyone! I hope you're all well.

Since I finished my A Levels, I've noticed a gradual increase of greys. I'm not one of those people who think women ought to feel obliged to dye their hair, I think that there are many stunning mature women who really pull it off. Kelly Osbourne and Pixie Geldof, for some reason, have decided to go to their colourists and request grey hair. However, I'm turning twenty two next week and I do feel a little bit conscious. I'd say that my hair is approximately one third grey, with the remaining two thirds being naturally brunette. My natural hair colour is light brown :-) so I thought I would try a wash out dye that is close to this colour, so that I can create a more 'blending' effect as opposed to just one block colour.

This colour is 600 - Light Brown. 

I'm not really a big fan of hair colouring. I'm always scared it will go wrong. When I was fourteen, I dyed my hair purple and I resembled a Ribena blackcurrant. I accidentally dyed my hair black two years ago and I looked like the mother in the Adams family. So yes, my history of hair colouring hasn't been too good.

The reason I bought Casting Creme Gloss by L'oreal Paris was due to the fact it is a really good brand. I'd done some research online and I like that there's no ammonia or (too many) horrible chemicals. It washes out after twenty-eight shampoos, which means I should be able to get away with doing it every six weeks ... which, in theory, works out as £1.00 a week! I bought this box in Sainsbury's (I know, I know) for £6.43. However, there are lots of offers at the moment, and I believe there is a 2-for-£10 one!

I'm writing this as I'm waiting for the colour to develop, so I can give a 'on the spot' review!

The hair dye smells very nice, actually. I just remembered that the 'purple' dye I used was by L'oreal Paris! It was called Colour Pulse. That was the best smelling dye ever! It smelt like berries. I apologise for the digression, but the point I was initially going to make was that the smell of this dye is actually quite pleasant. A lot of dyes tend to smell purely of chemicals, but this solution makes the experience feel a little luxurious!

I'm leaving my dye on for 25 minutes, as the minimum time is 20 - but they recommend another 5 minutes for grey coverage ...
*goes to wash out dye*

*comes back*

I'm back. I've dried my hair, and I've noticed a big improvement. Light brown seems to be a perfect shade for my hair, mimicking how it used to look! I can still see quite a few grey hairs, but they seem to blend in a lot better with this colour. The dye has done a really nice job, adding a 'shimmering' effect to my hair so it no longer lacks lustre. I'm very impressed, and I think this will be the most effective way of blending my greys without damaging my hair. The royal jelly conditioner is really lovely to use after rinsing, and I think my hair is actually more conditioned than it was before! I used some Kerastase heat protect cream before I blow dried my hair, of course.

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