Wednesday, 27 February 2013


As I'm graduating from university this year, I have been experiencing the inevitable worry that is the concern of my future. For the first time in three years I won't be going to seminars three times a week. I won't be working until five in the morning to meet that essay deadline. In a mere matter of weeks, I will be handing in my first conducted piece of original research in my field. As opposed to going into denial, I have decided that there's a lot of new things that I would love to experience in my life as a graduate. I state in my 'me' section on the left, that my blog may contain such 'contemplations' regarding my life. Well, here's one of them.

For the first time in a long time, I have felt such a strong urge to learn so many new things. I want to study Science and Maths (nerd!) and I can't wait to start playing violin properly again. Pictured above is the violin I have just started renting from my local music shop. Last year, I borrowed a very very cheap and nasty (sorry to be mean!) violin from an orchestral group I joined for a few months. It was there that I grasped the basics, however, it was so difficult to make a decent sound! Today I opened the case, tightened the hairs on the bow, applied some rosin and started playing as if I had never stopped in the first place. As the violin was better, I sounded a lot less bad than I used to! Now I have a job, I have to decided to put the majority of it into savings, but for me to enjoy some of it by doing what I love - music.

After university I intend to read a lot of non-fiction. I've been having such a fun time reading Darwin's On the Origin of Species and using it as part of my literature dissertation. I want to make beautiful music and learn lots of facts about the world. 

My future ambitions:

- Go to more concerts
- See more theatre productions
- Go to more art exhibitions
- Experience what it is like to go to an opera, even if the seats are too cheap to see the stage!
- Take up dance lessons again, and try not to kick anyone during ballet.
- Volunteer
- Take a calligraphy class.
- Postgraduate study.
- Science and Maths lessons
- Learn more about art (because I've only studied photography)
- Achieve a Grade 8 in violin ;)
- European tour!
- See the pandas in Edinburgh (which is happening at some point this year!)
- Learn Italian and/or French
- Have fun wherever life leads me :-)
- See Nicola Benedetti perform live.
- Graduate with a 2:1
- Try and help others as much as possible.
- Smile, all of the time!
- Have a library in my house, full of books I love!

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