Thursday, 22 August 2013

The big move!

Yay. David and I have now found our perfect Norwich abode! It's so sweet and it's in the city centre.

The architecture is so adorable! This isn't where we're living (of course) but I took a picture because I loved the door (is that sad? Probably ... ). It looks like Diagon Alley!

So yes, we're moving pretty soon! I need to find work and begin my studies for my Maths and Science qualifications. I'm really looking forward to learning different things and meeting new people!

Being the odd one out in my Maths and Science classes.

But yes, I'm looking forward to new things this year. I keep thinking about how lovely Christmas will be :-) I am so eager to wear my jumpers! If worst comes to worst, I will set up my own stall at the market and sell owl and elephant ornaments.

Then there's driving lessons. I'm really hoping to be able to drive at some point within the next year! This summer has taught me that having a car outside of London is definitely handy!

I have also been playing my keyboard. I've been trying to convince David to let us have a second hand piano (for some reason lots of people are giving them away for free?) as mine keeps making a fuzzy sound. The keys are also quite ... I don't know how to describe it! It doesn't sound very natural.

Not that I'm a professional pianist or anything. I'd love to have lessons! I've been trying to play Clair du Lune :-) and, of course, Moonlight Sonata. I've been figuring out some nice little melodies as well!

I've been spending my time well this summer, I think. I have finished (nearly) two scarves and my knitting is becoming much neater now! I've also started writing like I've always wanted to :-) I'm currently working on a children's story. I'm hoping that I can become the next Rudyard Kipling!

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