Monday, 5 August 2013

Long time no see!

Hey everyone!

It has been AGES since I've written on this blog. Absolutely ages. I don't even know why.

I'm hoping to come up with some new content ideas and expand on ones that I've had in my head for a long time. I was thinking of more articles on fashion and music, perhaps? I've run out of make up ideas, since I don't wear much anyway! What do you think???

In terms of my personal life - I have finally moved to the countryside! I love it here. I can randomly stumble upon animals like this one:


I named him Henry. Not sure why. I saw him standing near the fence at the back of the gardens. It was at that point our friendship began to blossom. The name somehow suited him, I thought. I met Henry at a classic car show yesterday. Lots of vintage mini coopers! I hope to see him again soon!

But yes, I have soooo many ideas for this blog. I've got tickets to see The Staves performing later this month, I cannot wait! So I definitely will be writing about that ...

Of course, I've got the new flat to get all excited about! David's birthday, new job, new courses, oh and I graduated!

I finally did it!

At the grand age of 22 my life begins. I'm looking forward to my new adventure, and I am thoroughly enjoying my very chilled out summer here. It has been quite a transition but it's so cute here, I love it :-) I've had time to adjust and think clearly before making any big life-changing decisions and whatnot. Lots of maths and science has been studied; Ada Lovelace is my new female inspiration - and she was Lord Byron's daughter.

I also read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Not really sure what I thought of it. Maybe I've got to that point where I feel I can't really enjoy simply written novels anymore, which is sad, as I have only difficult books to enjoy now. I gave up on War and Peace, Tolstoy got the better of me again *sigh*. It's all of those aqualine noses and doppelgangers I've been reading about for the past three years.

Ohhhh I've bought a new frock (I love archaic words) for David's birthday. It is a tea dress with daisies on it, and I'd love to wear it with my red satchel! So I'll take some photos soon! :-) I also finally finished knitting my first wearable scarf, yay! Maybe I'll write an Ode to Autumn (hehee) post, seeing as I rarely find the time to post nowadays. So much to update you all on! xxx

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