Thursday, 20 June 2013

Superdrug shop!

Hey everyone! It's been soooooo long. I apologise for this! I have been ridiculously busy this month. I've been working, volunteering and soon I'll be moving and graduating too! A lot of change is about to happen and I'm half nervous and half incredibly excited! :-) I also got my results from uni this week so it's been a bit crazy! I got a high first for my dissertation :-) and a high 2:1 overall. I'm very happy!

I went to Superdrug today after work (oooh, how exciting) as I always find it's cheaper than places like Boots. I needed quite a few things but hadn't had the chance until now. I'll write about each item in the order it is in the picture! :-)

1. Hair brush - £3ish

I needed a hair brush badly. I'm terrible with brushes, as I always manage to break them! This one looks good for volume boost, though.

2. Garnier Moisture Match - Dull Skin - Under £3

I received some samples from Garnier in the post. They gave me about six samples from the range, and I found this to be the best one. I wanted to wait for an offer as I thought £5.99 was quite expensive for a moisturiser. They're all half price at the moment, so get one! This one smells like apricots and suits my skin really well. It's oil-free and feels more like a gel than a cream, so it's very refreshing. I like!

3. Superdrug Facial Cleansing Wipes - £0.99

These are usually £1.99 but are on offer at the moment for a bargainous price! I love these camomile wipes. They are so gentle and work as a 4-in-1 solution (remove, cleanse, tone and moisturise) to an otherwise boringly long and tedious make up removal session. You get roughly twenty-five wipes per pack, so I only need about one pack a month - very good value!

4. Nivea Peal Deodorant and Anti-perspirant £0.99

Again, on offer, this was reduced from over £2.00! I like this, though. It's very gentle on the skin and smells very pretty :-)

5. Bic lady - £1.50

Another offer (I do like my offers). I can't remember what this was reduced from, but there sure are enough razors to keep my legs smooth for a while! :-) they're colourful, too, so I don't get them mixed up with my boyfriend's - hehe.

6. I love ... strawberry milkshake handcream - £2.00

I got the moisturiser tub of this a while back. It smells gorgeous. I had a L'occitane hand cream which I had for free, but the sample had run out. I'm so glad I saw this, though :-) while the more expensive handcream was nice (£19.00, though) nothing smells as good as this! Yum yum yum.

7. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara - £7.99

I've bought this one before. I like my lashes to be thinly coated and lengthened upon application. My Maybelline mascara had unfortunately run out as I left it open by accident, oops! I'm just hoping that I'll achieve Zooey Deschanel eyelashes hehe.

8. Superdrug face pack - berry! £0.99

I love this. I've even reviewed it on here previously. Need I say more?

9. Revlon eyelash curlers - £4.99

Eyelash curlers really make a difference. I had some last year but then I never bought the replacement things. Then I just never got round to buying another pair. I got them today, though! I love the pink colour of these (you can also get them in purple) and Revlon are a good brand, so I am hoping that these will be better than my original pair :-)

10. Barry M Speckled nail varnish in white - £3.99

I love Barry M! I had previously seen the Illamsqua nail varnishes advertised on the Vogue website (as my magazine subscription ran out, boo hoo). However, at £15.00 I couldn't justify it. For eleven pounds less, I am hoping that the nail varnish king, Barry himself, will be able to be just as good. They also had a pink alternative, but I didn't want my hands to look like mini eggs. Expect a review soon!

11. Superdrug powder brush - £2.99

Bit of a boring purchase, but I realised I had no clue about my current brush as it was pointed out recently it was a foundation one. I wondered why it was so thick and dense.

12. Original Source honey and shea butter shower cream - £0.99

This smells divine! I love honey, I love shea butter, I love this! It reminds me of when I moved into halls at university, though, as it's the first shower cream I had there! Aha.

Yay, all done. Here's a song that I've been enjoying a lot recently.

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