Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Cute summer outfit for under £20.00

Hey everyone! I hope you're all bright and breezy.

It's my first day off in a while. I didn't really feel like going out, but it was on my 'list of things to do' that I go out and buy some gifts for my friends at work as I'm leaving this week. So yes, the nearest Lush store was a bit far out, so I caught the bus and went on my way.

While I was there, I thought about maybe writing an article on putting a together an outfit that is both summery and affordable. Although the weather isn't great at the moment, I actually realised I don't have many things for that time (which will inevitably come) when it will be too warm to go out shopping for summer clothes! Although some people would think of it as a good thing, in the past three years I have continually gone down by four dress sizes. Although I'm happy and healthy at the moment, this means that I have summer clothes form last year that sadly need replacing. I say sadly because I wouldn't replace them if they did fit me :-)

Anyhow, I took out £20.00 from my bank account and gave myself a budget. I knew that I'd need a dress and some shoes, and if there's any left over money then some accessories/extra item. I went into Primark, which I thought would be my best bet. I've been into H&M recently, and while they do lovely clothes for summer, everything is a bit too neon for my liking! I prefer much more muted tones and florals etc.

This is what I bought in the end. I only ended up spending £17.00, too. The flowery sandals were £6.00 and I wasn't actually too sure about these. However, once I tried them on I was like "awwww!" especially in combination with the dress! The lavender cardigan was also £6.00, and it's a lovely soft and thin cotton material. The dress was the most surprising purchase, though! It was on a rail called "£5.00 dresses!" and I was expecting it to have a tacky back detailing or something. Surprisingly, it is a very pretty and simple design. I thought the whole outfit really came together and didn't really need an accessory, as there's the texture on the top half of the dress, the colour in the cardigan and the detailing in the sandals. Awww!!!

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