Sunday, 12 May 2013

Emma Loves: May 2013

1. The Body Shop - Vitamin E spritz

The Body Shop - £8.00

With the weather getting warmer, I find facial spritzers to be a handbag necessity! I don't wear much make up at all. I'm a tinted moisturiser and a dab of translucent powder type of lady :-) but even wearing little amounts of make up can mean that, on hot days, makeup can make skin feel dehydrated and pores all clogged up. Very refreshing!

2. Pomegranate lip balm by Carmex

Superdrug: £2.99

My lips have been so sore recently. I wanted a lip balm that wasn't pricey, smelt good and didn't make my lips dry. Yes, I've had many lip balms that have actually had the opposite effect! Carmex is a great brand and I've used their original balm before, but I prefer the ones you can glide on your lips as opposed to placing your fingers into the pot. I'm just one of those people who are scared of germs! So yes, this formula is sooooo lovely to wear. It's colourless, too, so you don't need a mirror. It has a lovely berry smell, and I believe you can buy it in lime as well, if you'd prefer something more 'citrussy'. 

3. Ludovico Eunaudi - In a Time Lapse

Eunaudi's music is simply beautiful. I've been trying to 'get into' classical music during the past year and have been exploring all these amazing artists and musical pieces. I'm no expert on the subject, but Eunaudi's music is accessible and very (I cannot emphasise this enough!) useful for those currently studying exams or trying to get through coursework. It's not distracting but it provides really nice background music, which is scientifically proven to increase your level of brain activity! 

4. Face packs!

I love Superdrug's 99p face packs. They're so yummy and scrumptious! I've bought myself the berry fruit one to prevent spots arriving on my face during this stressy week! If you're one of those bulk buying people, then you can buy four for just three pounds!

5. Old bookshops

Read my previous post on old bookshops. They're so fun to rummage through, and the books are incredibly cheap. Go!

6. Scarves

Although the weather is meant to be improving, I just can't see any of promised sunshine rising through the dreary clouds. Typical English weather means that we must be sensible. Although it's raining a lot, it is still warm enough to get away with a stylish mac. So maybe update your mac with a new scarf, such as this one from Asos:

Asos: £12.00 reduced to £7.00 (£6.30 with student discount)

7. Philadelphia

I was blown away by this film. It's a must see. My boyfriend persuaded me to watch it when I was more up for watching a normal chick flick. I'm so glad I watched this instead. Tom Hanks is an amazing actor; you see a completely different side to him in this film. It's very touching.

8. Kafka - Metamorphosis

This book was half bizarre and half amazing. I found it really funny and yet really sad. Apparently this is the easiest book by Kafka, and so if you're looking for a good introduction to his work - it'd be best to start here. Although it wasn't my usual cup of tea (I do love a good Victorian novel), it was interesting to read something that was the complete opposite of anything I'd choose normally. I'd really recommend it!

9. 79p strawberries!


10. Scout

Scout is just lovely. She's in the top ten because she's a friendly hamster :-) and she got excited the other day when I gave her a raisin.

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  1. 2) I really want to try these new flavoured stick Carmexes! I agree with you about pot lip balms often being a bit icky. I have a bit of a lip balm stash at present, though (six in stash plus one on my desk, one by my bed, and a few in my handbag!) so I'll have to wait til I've used a few up!

    6) That scarf is amazing! Must... resist...
    (I like the Primark scarves too, they're £4 and though some of the prints can be odd I've had a red and white polka dot and a very sophisticated grey with multicoloured birds that both looked far more expensive this year!)