Saturday, 2 March 2013

Emma Loves: March 2013

1. Garnier rose enriched facial wipes

I used to enjoy the luxury of using lotions, toners and moisturisers but as I'm quite a busy bee at the moment, I find that it takes too much time! I found these in Sainsbury's reduced from £3.50 to just £1.75 and thought I should give them a go. I find that a lot of wipes are very drying, but these are so moisturising! I believe there are two doses of lotion per wipe, which means that for us sensitive ladies it makes for a perfect formulation. The pink packaging is also very sweet!

2. BeneFit dandelion powder

I love dandelion powder, as it's so complimentary on my pale skin tone. Perfect for achieving the English rose look! It's quite pricey at £23.50 but if you buy it as part of a box set then you can have other cosmetics with it too. It lasts a very long time, and it's a good investment! I love it with Posie Tint for a night out, too!

3. Vaseline cocoa butter

As I have quite full lips, I tend to suffer with chapped lips as soon as the temperature drops. Vaseline is the only product that saves my lips during these times. I can't even wear normal lip glosses, as they just dry up instantly, and it looks gross! The cocoa butter version smells gorgeous, and it's a bit nicer than the normal one just because it does smell like chocolate! The rose one is nice, but I prefer the scent to this one, and because there's no tinted colour it means that you can apply it without a mirror. For £1.99 you can't go wrong!
4. Dermalogica tinted moisturiser

I received this amazing product for my birthday. Demalogica's tinted moisturiser is a 3-in-1 product that provides hydration, sun protection and sheer coverage to the skin. I apply it when I leave the shower, or have wiped my face with a facial wipe straight away. It gives a dewy look to my skin, and for one my skin feels clear and extremely healthy. If you find that you do need coverage, however, I do think that you might need to stick to a foundation. At the moment my skin seems to be behaving itself! It's quite pricey, retailing at roughly £30.00 but I'd buy it myself, I think, just because it agrees so well.

5. River Island Owl watch

I'm hoping to buy this watch at some point in the future. I had one just like this from Urban Outfitters that I received a few years ago, but I have no idea what happened to it! My current watch it a boring black one from Argos that cost me under ten pounds last year, and it is on the verge of it's end! This one is from River Island, but if I get it I'll buy it from Asos, as student discount and free delivery means it will only be £13.50 - not bad!

6. Asos floral skirt

Spring is officially here, which means that the sun will be visiting until late in the day - and dresses and skirts can start exiting our wadrobes! Hooray. I love this one from Asos, which is £16.00 on their website. It's quite short for my liking, but I wonder if it's because the model is very tall! The pattern is gorgeous, though.

7. The Princess Diaries (2001)

I watched The Princess Diaries with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. It's another girly feel-good film about a girl who reminds me of my former self (pre-college) and discovers that she is a princess! (which doesn't remind me so much of myself ...) It's a lovely film and it's perfect to watch by yourself, with your loved one or your girly friends.

8. Lindt creme brulee chocolate

 Need I say more? Lindt have brought out a creme brulee flavoured chocolate, and it tastes AMAZING. I haven't bought another packet since my first, as they're devoured in seconds.

9. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

On my birthday I bought this edition of Jane Eyre from a local Waterstones. It's such a beautiful edition, and it's a pleasure to read. I'm definitely one of those people who appreciate special editions of books, I'm not quite sure why. It changes the experience to go from reading a Wordsworth Classic to a Penguin Deluxe Edition, I think. A night spent in my chair, with a blanket, curled up eating creme brulee chocolate and reading this - perfection.

10. The Staves - Self Titled Album

I think it's wonderful that there is a decent girl band in the music industry right now. This happens to be The Staves. Their acoustic and harmonic sounds fill me with happiness. Their sound is soothing and fun, and they make me look forward to summer! Definitely check out their album if you haven't yet!

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