Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Barry M Lip Gloss - Toffee (2)

Hey everyone! Long time no see. I hope you're all well! I've got a mini review for you this week.

After I finished my shift at work today, I went into Superdrug for a wander. I wanted a lip gloss to wear for work, as I never feel glamorous enough with a dash of vaseline! I've had major problems with lip glosses in the past. Always too sticky or smelly! Even worse, they taste awful! So I went through some of the testers and found one I liked!

Barry M is a makeup brand I've known for years. I always see it as being the Lush type of brand, in comparison to ones like Maybelline or MaxFactor - which are like The Body Shop. When I was vegan for five months during my teens, it was the only high street brand I could use as all of their makeup is vegetarian-friendly, and a lot of it is vegan too. There's absolutely no animal testing, which is very important to me (sorry to digress, but I'm so happy the EU laws have changed! Happy animals). When I was vegan, I used one of their pink glosses in a tube, and I remember it smelling amazing - like coconuts. I love scented products, they make me feel all pretty

The lip gloss costs £4.49 however I paid less because of my beauty card (make sure to get one, it's so good!). As soon as I opened the packaging: the smell! Wowwwww. It smells like toffee! It's incredible. It really is. It's not too strong, but if you don't like toffee then you won't like this!

The best thing about this lip gloss is its moisturising properties. My lips haven't chapped at all, which makes a change! It gives a hint of colour, is shimmery and looks very pretty. I like that it is subtle enough that you can apply it on the go, and even without a mirror.
This lipgloss will be in my handbag forever now!

So yes, I'd definitely recommend it. The packaging is nice, the smell is gorgeous, the product lasts like any other lip gloss really. I prefer it to be a normal lip gloss, unlike the long lasting ones on the market. I remember Bourjois had a nasty tasting one out when I was in my first year at university. It tasted like bitter mint leaves because of the menthol, and it dried out my lips so much! I went to a job interview and I looked like one of Dracula's brides by the time I left!

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