Sunday, 28 April 2013

General Update

Hello everyone! :-)

Even though I said that this blog was on a hiatus. A little part of me can't resist a post!

I've had a really nice Sunday today. Usually I work Sundays, so it's nice to get that Sunday feeling - if you know what I mean.

Today I had a lie in, which was sooooo nice after having a lot of early mornings volunteering/working/uni work etc. This week is my final week doing my uni work. My dissertation and Dickens essay have been completed (yay!) and I have one left to finish, which is on Classical Greek literature.

I really felt like going out today. Just for a few hours of leisurely pursuits. There's an amazing second hand bookshop in South London called My Back Pages. Well, it's closing in the next two months unfortunately. David and I have been going there since our second year at university. It offers a wide range of books, some you would never even think of - but then you set your eyes on them and you're infatuated. It's not even infatuation. There's just lots of good books for good prices. Before today, you could easily get any book for £3.50, and now they're reduced to £1.75 because they're closing down. It's a shame really, the city is overrun by places such as Waterstones and Foyles, who charge full retail price for their books. I guess customers are willing to pay more for something that is brand new, rather than a bit more than charity shops do, just to keep the independent shops going. It will be, of course, very sad if all the independent shops do go. There's something very quirky and fun about coming across books you'd never think of reading. I came across a 1893 edition of Tristam Shandy by Laurence Sterne today. It was owned by a man named Charles, and just thinking that this lovely Victorian gentleman owned this book once - it's quite incredible aha.

After going to the bookshop. David and I went for a coffee back where we live so we could flick through our books for a bit :-) it's been such a lovely day! I'm even looking forward to doing my essay now, hehe!

So yes, I will be back as of next week to review some new things / discuss anything that springs to mind. Take care! :-)

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